Why your business’s growth depends on digital agility

The metaphor increasingly used by tech pundits that  “Data is the oil of the 21st Century and AI is the new electricity” conjures up a clever image of where we are heading on the tech superhighway. Yet whilst I’m excited about the acceleration of technology and many...

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3 tips to prevent your business crashing on impact

I had a call from a young social entrepreneur last week who I'd given some advice to a year or so back. The call went something along these lines: “I’ve just won a major new contract which could transform the business but I’m worried I’m becoming overstretched. I...

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So who thinks profit with purpose is a load of cobblers?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post titled 'Not all social investors are tree huggers (and vice versa)' I explained why I am a firm believer that you can do well by doing good and that businesses could grow more sustainably if they integrated purpose into their...

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